I like to watch glacier calving videos. I find glaciers to be supremely beautiful, and I often imagine exploring the distant places where these giants live. Ultima Thule, a Latin term for “the farthest place,” refers to the northernmost habitable regions of the earth, but also to a concept of desire to reach beyond what is known, and to achieve distant or remote goals and ideals. Ancient Scandinavia and far nothern islands were known as Thule by Greeks and Britains—distant, mysterious lands, nearly unreachable—and thereafter, inspired poets adopted the term Ultima Thule, referencing their emotional responses to the concept of the farthest reaches of the earth. This connection between physical and conceptual landscapes reveals the desire to explore the unknown, and expresses a need for the romance of mystery and hidden potential. Through the metaphor of land and the Ultima Thule, the nature of oneself can be expressed and communicated in a unique, rich and effective way.